Shanghai Normal University Cultural Centre

Shanghai Normal University’s new Cultural Centre seeks to apply the lessons of the city by drawing upon the cloister typology to create an intensive and richly mixed-use building arranged around an activated central courtyard. Located on the banks of the Xin Nong River, the Centre will provide a new focus for campus life, accommodating a broad range of cultural, retail, hospitality, and leisure activities. The elevated plaza and adjacent outdoor amphitheatre will provide views across the river to the main campus. The raking form of the auditorium roof together with the curving foyer façade and broad flank of the stage and flytower recalls the figure of the Jin Chan, a popular Feng Shui charm for prosperity. The smaller scale formal manipulations in the façade, foyer and roofline to the theatre reference the pleats and folds of theatre curtains, providing a playful and theatrical concave surface as a backdrop to the theatre of campus life.

This project was undertaken as a collaboration between BKK and Brearley Architects & Urbanists:

Fengxian Campus, Shangha

Completion Date

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