Suzhou Aeon Mall

The ÆON Mall project brief called for the development of a façade design for a new 200,000m2 shopping centre in Suzhou, China. Typical of comparable developments throughout the world the mall is essentially a large object in a field, approachable from many directions yet almost exclusively internal in its predominant use. To address this context a strategy was developed for the façade that would provide visitors with a clear architectural and urban language through which to understand and navigate the building. A geometric pattern was employed to provide a unified order for the buildings overall fabric within which openings and various infill opportunities were explored to provide flexibility in the way internal programs might be externally articulated. The façade was conceived as a modular system, analogous to gift wrapping, that would provide a clear identity for the development at an urban scale. This pattern also provided a sort of DNA from which urban and landscaped spaces around the building perimeter were organized.

Suzhou China Completion Date

Completion Date

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