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Applied BESO

The BESO research project aims to develop production processes for the manufacture of large scale, highly material efficient structures for the infrastructure sector that have been designed using the BESO algorithm. BESO (Bi-Directional Evolutionary Structural Optimisation) has been pioneered by RMIT University’s Innovative Structures Group (ISG) since their inception in the 1990’s. Moving into a resource constrained future, material efficient structures designed using the BESO method will become ever more attractive.

To date the collaboration with RMIT ISG and Felicetti engineers has designed and manufactured a ¼ scale prototype of a perforated precast concrete structure, intended for long-span footbridge applications.

ABF Cities Research

In 2010 The Australian Business Foundation commissioned BKK Architects, in collaboration with Dr Anand Kulkarni and George Bougias, to undertake research into the competitiveness of cities. With a particular focus on how knowledge is, and should, drive a city policy agenda for the future, the resulting discussion paper argues for a new and comprehensive approach to city development based on knowledge creation, application, and development comprising three core elements: anchorsreceptors, and connectors.


Working with local acoustic engineering firms and plastic manufacturers, BKK Architects has spearheaded the development of a fully recyclable absorptive soundwall panel for application along freeway corridors. The product, currently in proof-of-concept phase, will provide a technically superior and sustainable alternative to the low performance reflective panels typically ending in landfill after only 20 years of use.

Design Process

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3RRR Radio

Simon Knott established his own weekly Architecture radio show with Stuart Harrison in 2004. He has continued as the co-host and producer providing critiques, interviews and public engagement with the profession over that time. The pair have since been joined by Rory Hyde and Christine Phillips as co-hosts and have undertaken hundreds of interviews with local and overseas architects. The aim of the show is to broaden the understanding of architecture in the wider community in a sophisticated manner. In 2005 they won the AIA award for Architecture in the media. The show can be heard on 3RRR (102.7FM) each Tuesday at 7pm.

ABC TV – Good, Bad or Ugly

ABC TV – Good, Bad or Ugly

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Simon Knott developed, with Stuart Harrison, a series of Architecture segments as part of the ABC arts show, Art Nation. The national series was a further development of their radio show work, expanding an understanding of Architecture within the wider public domain. The first of these eight episodes focussed on Architecture and the Public Realm.

Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

Both directors have had an ongoing relationship with the AIA, participating in numerous committees, awards programs and events. BKK believes that the AIA is one of the most effective ‘vehicles’ to engage with, and respond to, the architecture profession. Some highlights include: Tim elected as a state councillor in 2003, Julian a member of the AIA practice Forum and Simon a member of the Sustainability Committee. In 2009 Simon was also a member of the National AIA awards jury. All directors and staff continue to be involved at numerous levels and functions with the AIA.

RMIT University – Learning and Teaching

Both directors and a number of BKK staff have studied and taught at RMIT. Teaching topics have ranged from design to technology, and even model-making. BKK remains engaged with RMIT on a number of levels and has also established links with Melbourne University and Deakin University Architecture Schools through presentations of their work and design critiques.

Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL)

The practice has established strong links with the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) at RMIT and the world renowned, Professor Mark Burry. In 2007-10 BKK participated in a revolutionary new program of PhD research with SIAL, where a PhD student was embedded within the practice for 3 years. This allowed BKK to further passion in the idea of ‘Design as Research’.


In 2004 Simon Knott founded with the AIA, a series of Architecture forums on the first Monday of the month. The monthly event was designed as a free, accessible forum that discussed issues directly and sometimes indirectly connected with the practice of Architecture. Process has continued at the same bar since and has enjoyed a reputation for lively and unusual debate within the Architecture community.

Satellite Art Projects

Simon Knott was a founding board member of Satellite Art Projects in 2009, a non-profit contemporary art agency that initiates, develops and presents ambitious public projects and commissions. The organisation was established to work closely with artists beyond the gallery environment, and to link audiences, patrons, business, and government with engaging ideas and highly visible outcomes.


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