Acland Street

Located in the vibrant suburb of St Kilda, Acland Street Revitalisation project in collaboration with City of Port Phillip and McGregor Coxall, involved intense collaboration between designers and stakeholders, seeking to integrate accessible public transport infrastructure into a new community plaza, prioritising pedestrian traffic, sustainable transport and community input.  The project aims to enhance the local character of St Kilda by providing a community canvas, offering opportunities for events and festivals that St Kilda is already known for, with the Vibrant Acland Seed Grants providing funding to those wanting to initiate activities in the new plaza.

Already known for its strong and vibrant identity, the new design language blurs the boundaries between street and infrastructure, maintaining the streets individual personality, while being robust enough to accommodate the new tram terminus, flexible plaza space and public furniture, creating a fully integrated design outcome. A bold and vibrant pattern of large bluestone circles was arrayed strategically across the street scape.  The circles evoke the idea of bubbles, tying the street conceptually to St Kilda beach and the celebration associated with champagne. More importantly it separates St Kilda’s identity from Melbourne by replacing the rectangular geometry, as found in in the Hoddle grid and bluestone “flags”, with circular geometry. 

Following the findings of extensive community consultation by PTV and City of Port Phillip, the tram terminus was positioned just short of Barkly Street, creating a flexible plaza space to be activated by the community. This plaza space balances the needs of everyday use whilst providing a flexible and open space for the community to create new opportunities and events on Acland Street.

St Kilda, Vic Australia

Completion Date

John Gollings

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