Cirqua Apartments


So often, apartments are development product. But to us and our client, Cubik Investments, apartments are homes for human beings.

Many apartments are dwellings cut to a pragmatic brief that values spatial efficiency and short-term return on investment. They tend to maximise inhabitable space to the detriment of gardens and shared zones.

Cirqua is not like this.

All its apartments are larger than regulation and they have generous balconies and plenty of landscape. We introduced them to the surrounding streetscape in the spirit of compatibility—a building that would fit into a neighbourhood of mainly large houses.

Indeed, the 42 one- and two-bedroom apartments all have different shapes and configurations. They are arranged around a central corridor on each floor, with fingers of garden breaking into the back façade line so that all bedrooms have an external window with a green outlook.

They are generous, comfortable homes built to endure: ones that will respect their inhabitants for generations to come.

The building has carefully considered accessibility features and passive environmental performance. All the bedrooms and living areas have direct access to natural light and ventilation.

Generous glazing brings visual and spiritual connections to the generous surrounding garden, which captures the garden city essence of Ivanhoe.

We analysed the Ivanhoe context carefully so our building would draw on the materiality and expression of local, historical housing types and interpret them in a contemporary manner.

The façades are detailed and articulated to break up the overall building’s mass, making it sensitive and contextual at street level.










Ivanhoe East, VIC


Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung


Peter Bennetts & Shannon McGrath

Selected Awards

2018 Architizer A+ Award, Popular Choice and Jury Winner, Multi Unit Housing - Low Rise(1-4 Floors)
2017 Interior Design Excellence Awards, High Commendation, Multi Residential
2017 IDEA Awards, Shortlisted, Multi Residential and Sustainability
2017 AIA Victorian Architecture Awards, Shortlisted, Multi Residential