Cultural Precinct Gateway

BKK Architects in collaboration with Global South were engaged to provide two high level concept designs for a Cultural Precinct Gateway in Heidelberg West.

The project team acknowledged the complexity and ambiguity of celebrating cultures through monuments and gateways and asked how can these structures service the people they represent beyond symbolically?

The two final concepts interpret one of Somali’s oldest industries - cloth weaving. The term weaving celebrates the long history of fabric making in Somali culture, but also describes a social act of interlacing different cultures and generations. It seeks to form positive connections both within the Somali community, and to the broader Australian community beyond.

Concept A: A Loom Weave Shelter, was required to provide shelter and mitigate winds at the Mall’s northern end. This structure employs a solid but transparent wind break screen to help prevent issues caused by prevailing winds.

Concept B: Woven Fabric Gateway, is spread through the laneway, allowing for multiple activities to operate simultaneously. The design provides a public realm for not only cultural representation/celebration, but real cultural activity.

Heidelberg West Vic Australia

Completion Date
Due late 2019

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