Elysium Tower


This is a scheme for a landmark project on Melbourne’s skyline. This elegant, super-slim tower employs a number of sophisticated tall-building technologies to achieve its softly curving form.

The design strategies operate at three different perspectives: the larger urban context, the immediate public realm, and the inhabitant.

The site is on the sweep of a major arterial freeway serving the CBD. The views to the building from this busy corridor will create a dramatic and dynamic experience for commuters. The elongated building form is rotated and profiled to accentuate and animate the experience.

The lower floors at street level have been designed to invigorate the public realm. Access for cars is via a sophisticated glass enclosure and state-of-the-art car lift system.

This frees up the ground plane to have a direct and engaging relationship to the street. The public space of the lobby is a generous double-height volume below voids that stretch the full height of the seven level podium (the shorter, broader part of the building).

Indoor landscape is an essential part of this experience.

The ground floor and street are activated with a café and seating areas for the tower’s occupants and the public. The voronoi (cellular) pattern on the ground plane merges seamlessly from the footpath to the interior to the podium above, uniting these elements.

The apartments are generous in size, full of natural light and naturally cross ventilated. Recreational spaces in the building include gardens, pools, saunas and a rooftop bar/restaurant.

Sustainability credentials include:

  • a tri-generation system to provide heat, cooling and power
  • innovative heating, cooling and ventilation system
  • cross-flow ventilation and daylighting to common area corridors
  • integrated water management incorporating wastewater treatment and rainwater collection to supply non-potable water uses
  • 4-Star Green Star Multi-Residential rating
  • building envelope energy efficiency, exceeding  Building Code of Australia requirements
  • considerable sustainability benefits from the innovative modular construction technique










Melbourne, VIC


Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung