Flemington Townhouses

The proposal has been designed as a contemporary re-working of the row-house typology, an urban form that has been successfully employed throughout Melbourne’s inner-city since Victorian times, and is prevalent in Flemington. The townhouses fronting Princes Street are arranged in 2 blocks comprising 4 to the south and 5 to the north, while a pedestrian entry between them provides access to the rear townhouses. These are arranged, again, in 2 blocks of 6 each to the south and north respectively.

The overall massing has been designed as a transitionary form from the 2-storey block of flats to the immediate south, to the generally higher built form along Mt Alexander Road.  The townhouse built form has been sculpted to achieve a predominant reading of 2 storeys along the Princes Street frontage while providing appropriate setback from both front and rear boundaries. Each townhouse has a separate entry from either Princes Street or the shared pedestrian access-way.

Flemington, Vic Australia

Completion Date
2017 - Ongoing

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