Flinders Street Station Competition

Submitted as part of the Flinders Street Station Design Competition, initiated by the Victorian Government in 2011, this proposal responded to the brief to rejuvenate and restore Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station through a range of key concerns. The proposal responded specifically to Melbourne’s spatial and historical DNA by positing the rejuvenated Station as a highly connected public space, stitching together the city grid and its edges, especially along the Southern, Yarra River interface. The Station was conceived not only as a grand new civic space in its own right, but as a site for speculation on new civic institutions of the future, uniquely connected to the local ecology and the city’s broader urban networks. The project was undertaken in collaboration with following partners: Brearley Architects & Urbanists, Glas, Buro North, Cundall, Electolight, Arup, Bryce Raworth, SGS Economics and Planning.

Melbourne Vic Australia

Completion Date

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