Kunshan Water Demonstration Park

This project, in collaboration with Realm Studios and CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, will deliver a Water Demonstration Park within a former agricultural area that is subject to a high ground water table typical of the Jianxu province and the Yangtze River Delta. With a primary function of an infrastructure corridor accommodating high voltage power lines and gas pipeline easement, the site contains 2 sets of 4 steel towers creating a strong linear orientation.

The site will be a place of integration, demonstration, and testing of ecologically based water treatment and management technologies within urban environments. BKK was engaged to create an overall masterplan for the site as well as four new buildings of varying scale; including an entry pavilion, reception, exhibition and administration building, glasshouse, and operations, maintenance and research building.

The architectural concepts build on the water based theme applied to the site planning but deploy spacial addition and subtraction as the formal instruments. This approach aims to give primacy to the landscape - it seeks to consider the architecture as an artefact of the open spaces, water bodies, landscape and courtyards created as urban realm elements.

The architecture aims to be developed as robust frameworks as sites for testing new sustainable technologies and approaches, now and into the future 

Kunshan China

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