Level Crossing Removal Project

"The Melton Highway Level Crossing Removal was delivered by the Victorian State Government as part of a program to remove 85 of the worst level crossings in Victoria."
"Spaces underneath the bridge create a lively atmosphere through our use of different shaded paving"
Melton Level Crossing Removal

Melton Level Crossing Removal

Architectural forms inspired by wondrous, natural basalt column formations

This is one of 85 Victorian Government projects to remove the state’s most dangerous and/or congested level crossings.

Removing a level crossing means relocating a road or railway line to a new bridge or underpass so that the two no longer intersect. The projects also bring opportunities for great urban design that renews and reconnects communities.

We relocated Melton Highway onto a bridge. We conceived it as a local landmark that forms part of the geography of the area. It’s an identifiable built element with design references to Melton’s impressive natural landscape and local cultural activities.

The surrounding footpaths, shared user paths and roads have been integrated into the design of the bridge and undercroft to enable pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular movements through site. Spaces underneath the bridge have a lively atmosphere created by our use of different shaded paving. Feature up-lights make the space safer at night.


Level Crossing Removal Project


Urban Design & Infrastructure




2016 – 2018


Melton, Victoria, Australia


Wurundjeri and Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation


Derek Swalwell