Monash University Doug Ellis Pool Refurbishment

This project consists of alterations to the Monash Doug Ellis Pool in order to improve the amenity of the facility and enhance its public presence within Monash University’s Clayton Campus. While the project arose out of pragmatic issues associated with an aging building fabric, it was recognised that the refurbishment had the potential to be much more than remedial work. The result is a new landmark that contributes to the aspirations of the campus Masterplan. The new works consisted of replacement of the roof to address issues of maintenance and aesthetics, as well as the upgrade of services. Within the broader Masterplan context, the key urban design drivers were wayfinding, night time security, public image, topography and view lines. In response to the challenges of a tight program and the need to work over water, the project employed a construction methodology that sought to strike a balance between in situ construction and pre-assembly of components where practical. The project has resulted in a vastly improved internal pool environment including HVAC and services upgrade, acoustic performance, a new solar heating system, increase in natural light, efficient artificial lighting, improved thermal insulation and glare control for safety.

Clayton Vic Australia

Completion Date

Peter Bennetts

2016 AIA Victorian Architecture Awards, Award as part of consortium led by MGS Architects for Urban Design

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