Monash University Sports Masterplan

In December 2014, BKK in collaboration with sports planning Consultant Simon Leisure, were commissioned by Monash University to provide an update to the Monash University Clayton Campus Sports Precinct Masterplan. The Sports Precinct Masterplan, completed in 2011, was commissioned concurrently with the wider Monash Campus Masterplan for Clayton, but was finalised before the broader Campus Masterplan had been completed.

The Sports Precinct Masterplan was originally developed in response to the following key drivers:

  • Reducing the area required for sports facilities.
  • Improving the integration of the precinct with the broader campus.
  • Defining an area for the long term provision of sports and recreation services, programs and activities for students and staff, recognising that these services, programs and activities form an important part of campus life.

The University has since set ambitious new targets for the development of new student accommodation to be built within the campus, comprising of an additional 8800 beds by 2030. Open spaces around the campus, including within the Sports Precinct, are under increasing demand to accommodate new buildings for residential use, as well as for teaching, research, offices and retail. While the supply of outdoor sports facilities is expected to decrease overtime, to accommodate these new developments, the demand for new sports facilities is expected to increase, concurrent to an increasing on-campus student population.

Clayton Vic Australia

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