Northern Hospital Urban Design Study

This Urban Design Study was completed within a limited scope, the requirements of which were to identify opportunities for campus improvements including:

- Visitor Arrival and Orientation Experience
- Campus Coherence and Legibility / Placemaking
- Vehicle and Pedestrian Movements
- Integration with adjacent precincts

The study was initiated in response to a rapidly transforming local urban context with significant changes in surrounding land use, which is likely to result in the development of an adjacent private hospital in coming years.

Northern Hospital itself is undergoing its own expansion, and this coupled with surrounding development, will have an impact on carparking supply to visitors and staff of the hospital. As a result, Northern Health commissioned One Mile Grid to undertake a technical car parking analysis in 2017. DHHS commissioned BKK and Irwin Consult in 2018 to undertake a review of the parking analysis in context of a broader urban analysis.

Two separable studies were produced as a result. A Car Parking Study, and this Urban Design Study.The Urban Design Study included:

1. A high level analysis of the hospital and its context’s future development.
2. A series of key urban design initiatives to guide the hospital towards healthier long term development.
3. A long term vision for Northern Hospital.

The key urban design initiatives set out in this report direct Northern Hospital towards the development of a Health(y) campus that is walkable, legible, and accessible. Principles of well-being and health in design are also critical for an educational environment.

Epping Vic Australia

Completion Date

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