Sunshine Hospital Urban Design Study

The aim of this Urban Study is to evaluate and attempt to integrate a range of projects currently or imminently underway at the Eastern edge of Sunshine Hospital. Sunshine Hospital and Western Health are overseeing numerous current and future developments for the campus. The projects primarily in contention for this Urban Study are:

- Joan Kirner Women and Children’s Hospital

- VPA rezoning and new road alignment

- Stony Creek Revitalization

- Traffic Design for Sunshine Hospital

- A new Multi-Deck Carpark and Academic Building

Joan Kirner’s Women and Children’s Hospital is under construction, while a multi-deck carpark / teaching building is planned in the short term. The VPA seeks to rezone and redevelop the surrounding properties. This will include a new road alignment that enters Sunshine Hospital further east than it’s current entry off Furlong Road. Melbourne Water simultaneously are looking to revitalize Stony Creek, which runs within the northern boundary of the campus.

Sunshine Hospital sits within the Sunshine Health, Wellbeing and Education Precinct (SHWEP), which is a primary area of development, within a series of development focal points that form the Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC).

This study developed a future vision for Sunshine Hospital to provide a walkable, legible, and accessible campus that promotes well-being. A healthy experience for patients, staff, and the broader SHWEP community is crucial. Urban design plays a critical role in ensuring that shared space is energized, equitable, and that people are put first throughout the future development of the campus. Urban design has the potential to communicate the values and sensibility of Sunshine Hospital to not only its users, but its broader context.

The aim of the study is interrogate how to build a healthy place. Not just a place for health service delivery but also one that supports person centred well-being and preventive healthcare.

Sunshine Vic Australia

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