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[TOWER]homes is a multi-residential project formed from a deep collaboration between a committed consultant team and a passionate client. In discussions with our client we decided on an approach where we would provide homes that are a contextual re-working of the Fitzroy Victorian Terrace combined with the post-war Fitzroy warehouse. These two building typologies make up a substantial part of the Fitzroy urban fabric and identity. The Terrace typology is employed to strengthen the streetscape by reinforcing a domestic frontage that engages directly with the public realm

The planning of each home is generous with each level suggesting a different use or occupation and simultaneously allowing for flexibility and adaptation. The rooms of each dwelling are large, flooded with natural light and open to cross-ventilation at all levels. The Ground floor of the homes facing the street are designed to be home offices, an extra bedroom or another living space and may well be all of these throughout the long life of the home.

Fitzroy Vic Australia

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Derek Swalwell

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