Victorian Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre undertaken with Sibling Architecture was conceived as a landmark to both diversity and inclusion; and gave form to individuals and groups who promote equity and visibility for LGBTI people. The process for realising this project has been a highly collaborative one that involved an expansive team of consultants including

The building form reflects this solidarity: it presents as a solid exterior, but on closer inspection, is composed of a range of materials and opacities - concrete, perforated mesh, transparencies, mirror and dichroic sheens – which allow the building user to negotiate different experiences based on the level of performance they wish to engage in within the space.

Through this gradation of architectural tectonic, light filters throughout to create momentary spectrum of colours that connect to the symbolic rainbow of the Pride community. And more importantly, the building community themselves become the primary focus of the building and its presence on the street.

St Kilda Vic Australia

Completion Date

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